Escape - Float - Transform - Rebirth - Romance - Dream - Celebrate - Explore - Commemorate - Connect

with @CarolineWfineart

Hear me out:

Forget (for just a moment) about how your body appears.

Submerging in water, your body receives an instant gravity-defying lift.

Feel Unique, While you Escape…

Feel Beautiful, while you simply just…float.

Make a gift – to your self – to your love – for your love –

for your expected little one – 

or even to elevate your mystical business

Submerge yourself in MAGIC

That can only be felt.

Through truly breathtaking works of art

like no other you or your people has seen.

Perhaps you have heard of or even shopped for “boudoir” photography but there was something missing.

Something more mystical, more tasteful,

something more VOGUE than MAXIM,

something more Angelina than Pamela.


Perhaps you played mermaids as a child, so free and joyful, so beauteous in your adventuring. Or if you loved scuba diving, but wished you felt more attractive in the photos than your snorkeling mask allowed

Perhaps you are like I was, nervous about the water, 

but your love and appreciation for incredible beauty simply overtakes your trepidation…

Perhaps you can’t even swim at all, and want a safe welcoming and empowering experience with images to remind you of your triumph.


Ok, So you’re probably wondering,

how does it all work?


We will have a 50 minute face to face consultation call all about the possibilities for your submerged session. (This  purchase goes towards your shoot.)

I love getting to know people – what drives them, what inspires them,

what scares them, and exploring the magic of triumphing over fear.

Every shoot and every person is so unique, especially when it comes to in and underwater.



The Backstory of My Path to Underwater:

I’ve been shooting professionally since 2005.  Around 2012, I started dabbling in underwater photography when I traveled to Australia to capture the Great Barrier Reef. I continued exploring underwater photography while hosting and capturing adventure & sailing retreats in wild waters of Greece’s rugged Cyclades Islands.

An underwater fine art portrait that I took in 2017 became popular during lockdown, as part of a covid charity fundraiser.


I then got *really* serious about underwater photography, and finally invested in an aquatech underwater housing for my Canon DSLR & L series lenses, in the winter of 2021 (plus a ton of other underwater equipment and training).

Though I spent years only holding my breath while taking pictures, I now usually use a special mechanized breathing machine that floats on the surface, so I don’t miss a shot!

(But don’t worry, YOU need not hold your breath for more than 5 or 6 seconds with my guidance to get incredible shots underwater, and some people don’t even put their faces underwater even.)

I invested in one-on-one adult swimming lessons, and freediving lessons from LA to San Diego to Mexico, from some of the world’s premier freedivers (shout out to Pranamaya in PDC). I started hanging out with and capturing spearfishers, from Ranchos Palos Verdes, to the Channel Islands.

Over the past 3+ years, I have captured nearly 100 wildly different people underwater, from professional mermaids to people who cannot swim a single stroke.

A 45 minute underwater session takes anywhere from 3 to 5 hours of dedicated time from labor intensive equipment prep to break-down, and about 3-7 hours of dedicated editing time.

Hence, this incredible art form has been crafted with intention to be the investment that it is. 

I have spent the last 3+ years developing relationships with specific pool owners, as well as testing their pools – though I can get amazing pictures in any pool, I prefer to use specific pools in which I am deeply aware of a myriad of elements.


A few testimonials below, and many many more can be found on Google as well.

…please check back for updates soon…


Let’s connect more deeply about it. You can book a chat with me on my calendar right HERE. (Your $50 consult fee will go towards your shoot.)


I can and have shot awesome images and portraits all over the world.

Want me to come to you? Click here!

The many places I have experience photographing / doing video for clients in:

Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, San Diego, Texas, New Hampshire, Washington D.C., Virginia, Toronto, Mexico, Cuba, London, Paris, Greece, Italy, Barcelona, Portugal, Amsterdam, India, Thailand, Sydney & Melbourne.

I have also done non-client work in Iceland, Panama, underwater at The Great Barrier Reef, Vancouver, Croatia, Ireland and Cambodia.

And as far as retreats go, I have led 5 retreats of my own between Paris, Greece and Cuba. Let me know if you need consulting on how to create, market and fill your own highly profitable retreat.